April 12, 2021

Migration from Substack FAQ

Do I have to cancel my paid subscription and subscribe again?

No, payments should happen completely normally through the payment processor Stripe.

Will I still get emails if I signed up while you were on Substack?

Yes, nothing should change on that front

I bought a discounted subscription but Portal is showing that I'm subscribed at a non-discounted rate. What's going on?

Ghost does not yet support discounts so it is showing the "product" you purchased according to Stripe. You bought a $10 monthly or $110 annual subscription which was discounted by x% so it shows that product. Rest assured however that according to Stripe you are still paying what you agreed to pay and that will not change. I am hoping Ghost updates this soon.

Can I still modify my account as necessary when I sign into your website?

Yes, nothing should change in that respect either. If you're logged in with a paid subscription account, click the "Subscribe" tab and you should be able to modify your billing or other information there.

Wait, are you basically saying this move doesn't matter at all to me as a paid subscriber except you have a nicer website that you can add more features to over time?