April 23, 2020

My Bloomberg Odd Lots Interview

"How The Crisis Pushed The Fed Into New Territory"

Hello Everyone. In lieu of a post today, I’m going to post my Odd Lots interview and put up another free post tomorrow. Thanks so much to Joe Weisenthal and Tracy Alloway! ICYMI, I posted another #MonetaryPolicy101 post on Tuesday on Central bank Collateral Policy.

The fate of the economy remains extremely unclear. However there is little doubt that the Fed has taken dramatic steps to arrest the crisis. Not only has Jerome Powell’s Federal Reserve dusted off old tools that were designed during the last crisis, it’s engaged in unconventional actions, such as lending directly to municipal authorities as well as becoming a player in the market for private sector corporate debt. Amid this crisis, Nathan Tankus, a researcher at the Modern Money Network, has emerged as one of the foremost experts on what the Fed has done, and what it’s capable of doing, through his widely read newsletter. He joined us on this episode to explain and contextualize the historic nature of the Fed’s actions so far.

Running time 45:19

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